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Headboards and Upholstered Beds

Bedrooms are our haven. A place to relax, rest, and sleep.

Some people choose to decorate them in light, calming colours whilst others prefer darker more nurturing shades. Some of the most important elements comfort wise are a good quality bed and a comfortable mattress, but from a design perspective, choosing an amazing headboard is key!

The definition of a headboard in the Oxford dictionary is “the board at the end of a bed you rest your head on when you are sitting up”, however if you were to quote this to a designer they will gasp with dismay – a headboard is so much more than that! Yes of course it has its function, but from a design aspect it’s potentially the main feature of your bedroom. 

It brings in the opportunity to add a luxurious soft padded element to absorb sound and increase the vibe of cosy comfort compared to a cold plain wall or hard wood frame. A headboard also provides the opportunity to play with fabric designs: texture, size, shape and scale are all important factors to think about. 

We also upholster divans to match your headboard fabric so please do let us know if you require this additional service.

Below are our headboard styles, we also make bespoke headboards to any style.

Creating your custom headboard


The process starts with an initial conversation over email or phone to discuss your ideas, thoughts and requirements (don’t worry if these aren’t very developed – that’s what we are here for!). At this stage we will email you our shape guide or alternatively if you already have a shape in mind you can send us an image or sketch.


The next step is a home consultation. During this consultation Mark will measure your space and discuss his recommendations relating to size and create a template. Jo will be able to discuss fabric ideas and finishing details. You may also want some scatter cushions for the bed which we would also be happy to discuss, design and supply.


At this stage we have enough information to provide you with a quote which will be emailed out to you followed by fabric ideas/swatches sent through the post.


If you decide it’s necessary, we can provide a visual of your headboard and any additional scatter cushions you may have ordered.


All of our headboards are wall hung. Our experienced team will come and install your headboard and move your bed into position for you. We will then remove all the packaging so that it can be recycled.

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