Five ways to cosy up your home for Autumn

Five ways to cosy up your home for Autumn

With temperatures dropping and leaves beginning to change colour, we are starting to transform our homes away from Summer entertaining areas into a more cosy space, a place where we will snuggle up on those dark Autumn nights and hunker down for Winter. Warm drinks will replace iced, hot apple pie will replace fruit salads and finally, a good Sunday roast is back on the menu. Many of us pack away our Summer wardrobe into the loft ready for scarfs, woolly jumpers and winter coats to take center stage. If we are making our wardrobes more cosy, doesn’t it make sense to do this to our homes too?

Here are my top five tips to create a warm, snuggly environment to ride out the Winter. Remember this doesn’t have to be an extravagant home makeover, simple changes can make a big difference!

1. Tactile fabrics and texture – Introduce tactile fabrics into the bedroom and lounge. For the bedroom, I introduce winter coloured duvet covers; the darker tone changes the bedroom from a light airy space into a warmer and cosier den. The next thing to do is to invest in a really good quality bed throw, whether this is faux fur or a really thick snuggly fabric, then finish the look with a few textured cushions.

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The living room should follow the same basic principle; add lots of throws and cushions to create warmth and texture. If you have any bench seating or hard wooden chairs adding a small faux fur cushion will soften and warm them up. If you are looking to have a piece reupholstered go for a wool boule or velvet.

2. Mood Lighting – Lighting is really important. Fairy lights are beautiful anywhere in the house and are great for creating the perfect mood. Candles are a no brainer, and if you have animals and/or small children battery operated candles are a great alternative as they are very realistic and still create that warming glow. Add some table lamps to your lounge or bedroom to soften the light and create atmosphere.

3. Dried Flowers – Replace fresh flowers with trendy dried flowers. My favourites are dried eucalyptus, thistles and pampas grass. Present your dried flowers in pots and containers that feature autumn colours or that are made from natural materials to give off that earthy vibe.

4. Rugs – Introduce some warm and textured rugs; a tonal faux fur rug is perfect for your feet to feel first thing on a cold morning. This idea can of course be extended into the lounge or hallway with a runner and even the bathroom with bath mats.

5. Baskets – There is something about rustic natural items that invoke a very cosy feel. Invest in some storage baskets for children’s toys or wood for your fire. Stair baskets are a great idea for busy families. Make sure you have one by the front door with hats and gloves and an umbrella so you don’t leave the house this winter without the essentials!


If you would like any advice on making your home Autumn/Winter ready please drop me a DM on Instagram (@idupholstery) or send me an e-mail on!