Reupholstering Vs. Buying New

Reupholstering Vs. Buying New

As a company, we specialise in reupholstery, but we also handcraft new bespoke furniture so you can be assured that the viewpoints expressed are from a completely neutral perspective! I love to discuss with our clients whether the best decision for them is to breathe new life into an existing piece or to start the design process from scratch, so I thought writing this blog post may help those of you who are struggling with the decision.


First of all, for those of you not familiar with exactly what reupholstery means: reupholstery is when we revive a piece of furniture and bring it back to the comfort and style of the original design. We do this by stripping the furniture back to its frame and then completely rebuilding it back up. We then replace any elements that require updating, e.g. webs, springs, padding and stuffing, if it’s a really old piece this will be done using traditional materials. It’s not just sofas and chairs that can be reupholstered, items such as chairs and bed bases are hugely popular too.

Once it’s finished it will look like the day you bought it (or even better, which we are delighted to say is feedback we have had from some of our lovely customers!). When we strip back to the frame we can also make slight design changes to create a more modern look. Something simple like removing the skirt of a chair or sofa can modernise it instantly. Of course, the fabric choice makes a huge impact too. Quite often full reupholstery is not required and we simply re-cover a chair or sofa and replace the cushion inners. This can be incredibly effective and transform a tired looking piece of furniture into a new fresh eye-catching piece.

Reupholstery or a re-cover is perfect for furniture that is good quality, a perfect size for the room, much loved and super comfy. Best of all it’s better for the environment and if you choose to re-cover in an ‘Eco Fabric’ (to be discussed in my next blog) you really are doing everything possible to be eco-friendly!

Buying New

If reupholstery or a re-cover is not right for your piece of furniture there are many ways to say goodbye without a visit to the dump. Selling your furniture on an online platform, charity donation or collection or even passing it on to family/friends are all great options and much more environmentally friendly than contributing to landfill.

Buying new works best for those looking for a completely new style and design for their home. This may be just because you feel you need to move forward and change your house style or you have moved and your rooms are configured differently. Styles and trends change frequently and some people enjoy having the latest look. When we are creating a new piece of furniture for a customer we ensure it is manufactured to the highest quality and built to stand the test of time. The majority of the furniture we create is bespoke, which means that it always fits the space perfectly and is designed to work in tune with and enhance the room.

We offer complimentary sourcing services for all our customers so whether you are reupholstering, re-covering or buying new we can help and advise on suitable fabrics. We can cut through the huge choice of patterns and finishes to ensure the fabric’s properties are fit for purpose as well as being the perfect design or colour for your interior decor style.

If you would like any advice on whether you should buy new or consider reupholstery please don’t hesitate to contact us at For other useful tips and interior design inspiration follow us on Instagram – @idupholstery!