Trend Report 2022

Trend Report 2022

With every new year we look ahead and wonder what the next 12 months will bring (at the moment we are quite simply just hoping it will be better than the last two!). We consider what new films, fashion, music and interior trends will become popular, and quite frankly we need to be cheered up with these distractions!

The way we have been living through the pandemic has seen a big shift to focus on the comfort of our own homes as we have all spent so much more time inside than usual! We are now seeking many things from our home environment: a work place, a place to relax, a family space, an entertaining space, and equally somewhere to escape from all of the above!

Here are the top 5 interior trends we predict for 2022

Loose Covers

Loose covers have traditionally been favored by couples with a young family. They love the fact that they can easily wash the covers and keep their furniture looking as good as possible even with the odd spillage or two! The loose covers I’m seeing a lot of in our workshop and in magazines now are more the dust cover look. Made out of very natural fabrics often showing creasing and natural flow of the fabric, these designs enhance the simple living and eco-friendly trends that sections of society are moving into.

Photo credit Zinc Textiles


It started with the emergence of frill edged cushions but we are now seeing a real demand for them on sofas, chairs and footstools. A very traditional look that is making a comeback in trendy fabrics to make it bang up to date!

Textured fabrics

Boucle was big in 2021 and is set to continue to be popular in 2022. Having a warm textured fabric seems to enhance the comfort of a chair and again with us all having spent much more time indoors recently this is a very popular trend. Light, neutral colours work best with these textures and are usually paired with natural wood furniture.

Photo credit Zinc Textiles

Curved Furniture

A curved shape can be read as safe and welcoming and therefore softer shapes and styles are leading the way for us finding comfort in our homes. A curved snuggle chair like the one we made below in a boucle is perfect for curling up in to watch a film, read a book or catch up on social media!

Photo credit iD Upholstery

Statement Headboards

We made a few of these in 2021 but believe they will continue to be very popular this year. Designer Kit Kemp made this a popular trend with her extremely creative and unique designs. These headboards feature across her hotel group ‘Firmdale Hotels’, which can be found in both London and New York. It adds impact to a room whilst not being overbearing due to the soft curves and beautiful nail finish. Combining a more organic shape with bold fabrics results in a great visual impact.

Photo credit Crosby Hotel New York Kit Kemp

We can’t wait to work with new and existing customers this year to create some stunning design pieces. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for some inspiration by emailing us at or following us on Instagram – @idupholstery